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Literacy Enrichment Through Tech: Organizing Information

Help student improve their literacy skills when reading informational texts in any class by teaching them to identify key ideas that support their arguments. Add in technology and they will have fun doing it!

Today's Tech Find:

Lino is a favorite of mine for organizing ideas. Basically, it's a bulletin board to keep your digital sticky notes. Sounds simple, but kids love taking notes on a topic when they get to do it digitally. They can organize their notes by color to match sources, subtopics, and key ideas. I have used this site myself to keep track of my to-do lists, as well as organize my research for my graduate classes.

And once you introduce it to your students, look out! They will take it to a whole new level and actually have fun taking notes. It does a great job of keeping them organized and focused on the topic at hand. They can even add videos, graphs, images, and links.

I can't wait to find other creative ways to use this to enrich literacy development in my classroom!

Who dares to teach

must never cease to learn.

~John Cotton Dana

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