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At Home: Snack Tracks for Flashcard Work

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Strategy: Snack Tracks

Rationale: As students first begin to learn sight words, vocabulary, or even their letters, it is essential that we make this learning fun and engaging. Turning learning into a game, no matter what the content, is great for all ages. Literacy should not be a chore. Make it fun and motivate them with their favorite healthy snack, prize, and activity!

Content/Grade: Preschool/Kindergarten/Early Elementary School

Objective: Make learning new words fun

How it works:

When my kids were first learning letters and first words, I made a game out of it I called Snack Tracks. Start by preparing some colorful cards with the letters or words you want to practice. Make it fun and easy the first time around, so your child can easily find success.

Place the cards in a twisty, turny path around the house with a surprise snack or prize dispersed at various points in the path (or at the end). I would place a secret container with a small healthy, favorite snack under some, or a silly/fun prize like "dance around with mommy for two minutes" or "one giant bear hug" or whatever your child loves doing with you. Something quick and fun that motivates your child.

*I adapted this to my kids as they got a bit older by practicing math flashcards in the same way, adding a timer into the mix. They absolutely loved the challenge of following the path to their afternoon snack, or getting a chance to take a break and do something goofy with mom for a minute.

It definitely puts a fun spin on flashcards! Give it a try with your kids and let me know how it goes.

Who dares to teach

must never cease to learn.

~John Cotton Dana

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